maddie senior preview!

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I had the best time photographing Maddie for her Senior Pictures! Even though it was super hot, she was a great sport and was so much fun! Obviously she is gorgeous, but in the short time we spent together I can tell she is beautiful on the inside too. So easy-going and such a wonderful personality!

Congratulations on surviving junior year…and best wishes for an amazing senior year! You are awesome!

thomas mini session preview!

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I love the Thomas family! We met up for a super quick mini-mini session last week and were able to get a handful of family pics and some pics of the kiddos before everyone had to run off to evening activities. I was so honored to photograph such a wonderful family, and will definitely miss them when they move next year. Thank you so much, Sarah and Ben & Co! Such a beautiful family!

samantha and clinton preview! {raleigh lds temple wedding photographer}

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I had the BEST time photographing Samantha and Clinton after they were sealed in the Raleigh Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over the weekend. I have photographed other weddings where it rained here and there, but on Samantha and Clinton’s day, it seemed like it POURED the whole time I was with them! Normally this would make things a little more difficult, but Clinton and Samantha were so HAPPY. They knew that what was most important was their sealing to one another, and subsequently, the weather was not an issue. Come what may and love it. I had two awesome umbrella holders (Thank you Chloe and Rachel!) and thanks to their help, and our umbrellas of course, we were able to snap away in the rain! Samantha and Clinton were very easy to photograph…they were incredibly adorable and like I said before, so happy, it was contagious.  As I left them that afternoon I felt especially grateful to be able to do what I do. I love meeting and photographing couples and being able to capture their first moments together as husband and wife, on the sacred grounds of the Temple.  I seriously could not get the images on my computer fast enough. I still have a lot more to go through, but I wanted to share a small preview with them and their families.

Rain or shine, it was an incredible day. Congratulations on your sealing, Mr. and Mrs. O’Dell! You guys were awesome!

marra family preview {cary family photographer}

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I had the best time photographing this beautiful family! I first met them at church and thought they were so awesome from the first time I met them. And I was right…Gina and her kids are such amazing people. They have so much love for each other and just being around them made me smile. Not to mention—these teenagers/kids are some of the most polite I have ever met. So so nice! We did their session right in their neighborhood and it was absolutely lovely. I could’ve photographed these guys all day!

Gina, thanks so much for this opportunity to photograph you all! Narrowing these images down is proving difficult for sure.

barnes family preview!



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I had a wonderful time photographing the Barnes family this week! This session was a Mother’s Day gift (good job Donnie!) that we had to reschedule due to thunderstorms. But the day of their session this week was perfect. The weather was amazing, location was breathtaking, and this family was simply awesome. Mom and dad were laid-back and Zach and Kevin were so much fun…they were up for anything. There was lots of laughter, wheel barrow racing, photo bombing and wrestling. I think we may have only shot for maybe 15-20 minutes  but just look at what can happen in a short amount of time! I left feeling invigorated and drove home the whole way with the windows down and the wind in my face. Hooray for great sessions!

Thanks so much Barnes family! More pics coming your way soon!

welcome to the world baby jack!


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I was so grateful to spend a bit of my morning with the newest member of the Davis family…Jack! He was so SO adorable and was such a mellow baby the whole time. His two big sisters were very sweet with him (what a lucky guy to have two of the cutest AND sweetest sisters on the planet!) and there are more of them with him…can’t wait to show you Valerie! 

Our family is so very grateful for the Davis clan and their friendship. We couldn’t be happier for you guys, and I know Jack is  the luckiest little boy to be sent to your sweet family. Congratulations Valerie and Jon…he is perfect!

myrick family!


I had a blast photographing the Myrick family this week! I was initially worried about the weather (because my weather app shows thunderstorms every day, it seems like) but it turned out to be a totally sunny, beautiful evening! (Well, ok it was super hot, but these guys were troopers!) These three kiddos were SO fun and POLITE! After the session as I was getting into my car, Luke says (without being told to by his parents), “Thank you so much for taking our pictures!” What seven year old boy says that?!? I had a really hard time deciding which images to post for their preview…many more to come you guys!

Thanks so much Myricks! It was so fun!

morgenstern preview!

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Boy, were these guys troopers for this session! It was really hot, buggy, wet, and the grass was pokey, but we were still able to capture some beautiful shots for this adorable family! Yasmin and Anya were so fun to photograph, and little sister Liesel was a dream baby.

Robin and Chad, thanks so much for having me photograph your beautiful family! Y’all are great!

called to serve: las vegas, nevada




I was so excited when Collin’s sister, Candice, contacted me about one of my complimentary sessions for missionaries! Collin just received his mission call to volunteer for two years (speaking spanish!) to help people come to know Jesus Christ,  in Las Vegas, Nevada! I couldn’t be happier for him and his family for his selflessness and willingness to serve the Lord. I know that he will bless the lives of so many people in Las Vegas. He comes from such an amazing family and I know they all love him so much and are so proud of his decision!

Best wishes, Elder Simpson! It was fun getting to take some missionary portraits of you!

britton preview!

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What can I say? I LOVE photographing the Britton gals! Not only are they gorgeous, but Kristin has such a sweet, special bond with her daughter Kaleigh, and you can just feel the love during their sessions! Not to mention—Kaleigh is hilarious. She is seriously witty! I was glad she brought along Mr. Bear so that he could help her know what to do : ) Even though she told her mom before they met me that she doesn’t like doing pictures, she was fantastic. I adore all of her facial expressions.

Kristin and Kaleigh, thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your family again. It is always a delight and an honor!