brown family mini session!

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Wow, I’ve been behind blogging! Christmas will do that to a person : ) I LOVE it when the Brown’s contact me about pictures. They are so much fun to photograph and I have loved watching their sweet family grow over the years. Not to mention, they always manage to send out the most beautiful Christmas cards ever!

Thank you Browns. Yall are amazing. And a happy 1 year to Phillip…the happiest baby I’ve ever met!

sanford family!

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I was so honored to get to photograph the amazing Sanford family after they were sealed in the Temple to their youngest son, Luke. In our faith we believe that families can be together forever, and I was so honored to be able to photograph our friends on such a perfectly wonderful occasion.

We love you guys! Luke is the luckiest of boys to be a part of your forever family. Xoxo!!!

swank family!


Loved every second of photographing this beautiful family! The Swanks were so much fun (little Emma is a DOLL!) and it was also especially exciting because they have a little announcement to make…

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Thanks so much, you guys! Congratulations on your cute, growing family!

tracey mini session!


In our very first neighborhood we had the most amazing neighbors. (Love and miss you, Elliotts!) When we moved we were afraid that we were due for…not nice neighbors, since we had been so abundantly blessed the first time. To our surprise, we were wrong. We hit the jackpot again! The Traceys are such an awesome family and I was honored when Sue booked a mini session with me. And to add to the sentimentality, we shot these in our neighborhood!

Thank you so much, Traceys! We feel so blessed to live across the street from you!

pillar family preview!



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I recently had the privilege of photographing the Pillars for a mini session! Even though it was FREEZING  (ok, only nearly freezing… it was in the 40’s!) these guys were SO much fun! Their oldest daughter, Mikayla, has just returned home from serving as a missionary for 18 months in Los Angeles, California. I know the Pillars are so proud of her for selflessly serving the Lord, but I know they are also so happy to have her back! : ) I loved every minute of our session and am always so inspired by such kind, loving families. Thank you, Pillars!


tuttle family session!





I seriously love the Tuttle family! They have given me the privilege of photographing them for quite a while now! But more importantly, we have been friends for years, and I sure am thankful for their friendship, the laughs, and the good food too : ) Y’all are amazing. Even though the bright sun challenged me a little technically speaking, I loved this location just a few minutes from their home. A gorgeous spot for an even more gorgeous family.

Love you guys!!!

beavers mini session preview!




It was OH so cold for this family’s mini session, but their darling little girls were SO good! Miss Avery and Addy were so sweet and cute and I loved photographing this family! I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but wanted to post a little preview at the onset of this week.

Thank you Beavers family! I loved working with you guys!

kennedy family preview!


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I adore this family. In our church we have a “network” you could say, such that if you ever needed help or there was an emergency, you have someone you could call on. Levi has been that go-to person for us, since we moved to Apex. He visits our family and shares a gospel message regularly, and we have learned a lot from him and his example. Then, to further tie us to the Kennedy family, Jen was assigned as my visiting teaching partner when we moved here, so every month for the last year and half we go out together and visit other women in our congregation to share a devotional with them and get to know them better. Jen is an amazing example of someone who is fun and uplifting, while also being incredibly selfless and thoughtful. I adore her! Throw in their amazing children into the mix—and you can see why I was so excited for this session! (When I was editing their images last night, my girls came in (when they were supposed to be in bed!) and were so excited to see Maren on my computer. They love her and so do I!

This session happened to take place on Jen’s birthday, which made it extra special. We were afraid it was going to be too cloudy, but the sun came out (birthday gift?) and we were able to get some great shots of this beautiful family. The leaves haven’t been great this year, but they seemed extra vibrant yesterday, which was an extra bonus.

Thanks so much you guys! Hope you like the pics!

beasley mini session preview!


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This is one of my MOST favorite families… I look forward to photographing them every year, and this year did not disappoint!  Miss Madalyn was awesome like always, but little Tade, who let’s be honest, has not always loved having his picture taken (what toddler boy does?) was SO smiley and funny last night! I asked his parents what they fed him for lunch because I need to feed it to my kids! This is one of the kindest, most easy-going families and I always leave with a smile on my face. Thanks so much, Beasleys!

gabriella is here!





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I know I got a little carried away with this preview, but amazing light in their bedroom + perfect angel baby = photographer’s heaven! I seriously loved every moment of photographing the beautiful Miller family, and especially their newest little girl, Gabriella! Big sister Gigi took a few minutes to warm up, but she was adorable and did such a good job being gentle with her little sister. She was so quick to try and comfort her when she cried…it was the cutest thing ever. Kelly and Tyler, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to photograph your family at such a special time!


I had to post this. I think it would make the most adorable Christmas card. Sleep in Heavenly peace?